Sunday, 21 November 2010

The worst job in the world? Sunday 21st November 2010

Does being a maker of speed cameras qualify as the worst job in the world? This morning, Paul Garratt, partner of Freeman Jo Edwards, took part in a church service at Holy Trinity, Guildford, joined by members of the charity RoadPeace, to take part in their service of remembrance for victims of road traffic accidents.

Interviewed by the Rector, Robert Cotton, Paul explained how deaths on the roads in the UK have halved from 8,000 a year to 4,000 in recent years, and that speed cameras have been part of the reason for this reduction. Robert endorsed the efforts of Paul's company, Tele Traffic UK Ltd, to include motorcyclists in the community of responsible road users with an award-winning new piece of technology which is now being supplied to police forces.

On behalf of his company, Paul presented a donation to RoadPeace.

And why am I reporting this? Because Jo and Paul first met Robert when they visited Holy Trinity Church in June this year as part of a Marketors' event. Nice outcome.

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