Wednesday, 10 November 2010

6th City of London Biennial Meeting - 9th November 2010

I was invited to attend this meeting organised by Cass Business School. It takes place in alternate years and looks at macro-economic conditions and their impact on the finance, energy and shipping sectors. I went to the second day for an update on two areas in which I have spent most of my career so far.

Delighted to see that the government is now espousing the energy objectives that Shell has talked about for some time - that what we all want is energy that is clean, cheap and convenient. Or if you prefer it more elegantly: affordable, available and acceptable. The Department of Energy and Climate Change seems to have (what I would consider to be) a sensible view of the task ahead as we migrate to a new portfolio of energy sources and technologies.

Just as interesting, I met a delightful Past Prime Warden of the Dyers Company, Michael Rowlandson, who sits on the Court of City University. It's one of their expressions of social responsibility.

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