Monday, 15 November 2010

Silent Ceremony - Friday 12th November

This was an occasion for hats, as you can see. It is the ceremony at which the new Lord Mayor is installed and, apart from his declaration, it takes place in silence.
There is a large table placed in the centre of Guildhall around which the dignitaries sit and the symbols of authority are, one by one, presented to the outgoing Lord Mayor, who presents them to the incoming Lord Mayor, who returns them to their custodian. So the Sword, the Mace, the Seal of office, the Purse, the collar and badge are handed over.
This is all done with much bowing and stepping forwards and backwards - very dignified, very British. It was thanks to the good offices of our Clerk, Adele Thorpe, that my husband, Roger, and I were able to attend. A great privilege.

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