Monday, 15 November 2010

Lord Mayor's Show Day - Saturday 13th November 2010

Thank goodness it was dry! Here are some images from a great day out, not only for us, but for the family of Marketors who joined the many thousands of people alongside the route. I was joined by Senior Warden, Jim Surguy, Middle Warden, John Flynn and in this picture by Past Master and Brigadier Roger Hood, who is a Marshal for the parade. We walked with the other Modern Livery Companies in front of our bus, a steam-driven fire engine from the Firefighters and a potato harvester from the Farmers - what a neat bit of driving that was round our narrow streets.
A good walk through the streets of the City, wearing out your arm and cheek muscles waving and smiling at the crowds, who were so enthusiastic and welcoming. It was particularly nice when friends called out to us from the crowds or we saw someone we knew - they got an extra big wave.
Then to HQS Wellington (thank you to the Master Mariners) for a lunchtime break and refreshment. Then back along different streets, past the coachloads of elderly and less able visitors parked beside the road so that they got a ringside seat.
Returned to the Wine Tun in Cannon Street to join the last of the Marketors party before they left - big thank you to Court Assistant Dan Doherty for organising their hospitality with such efficiency and warmth.
Then on to the old HMS President where the City Livery Club had a bar open all afternoon preparatory to watching a stunning firework display, then dinner. Their President this year is our Liveryman Valerie Boakes, so it was great to see her and her husband, Past Master Norman Boakes, hosting such a delightful mix of guests.
A long day but the tired feet were well worth it. Thank you to Junior Warden Sally Muggeridge and her husband David Williams for getting the team together and managing logistics on the day.

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