Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lady Mayoress's Reception - Thursday 4th November

We are approaching the end of the Mayoral year - next week we have a "3-day event" with the Silent Ceremony on Friday (the installation of the new LM), the Lord Mayor's Show on Saturday and Remembrance Sunday at St Brides. November is such a busy month for Livery events and committee meetings that I have even found it worthwhile to buy a monthly season ticket for the train.

On Thursday the Lady Mayoress held a reception to whom, among others, all the Livery Company Masters of 2009-10 and their Ladies or Consorts were invited. I have been in office for almost 9 months so many of them are now friends; the reception was more like a large private party than a formal civic occasion. Excellent tea, finishing up with a glass of champagne - now that's style!

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