Monday, 15 November 2010

Tony Bellm Lunch - Monday 15th November 2010

Tony Bellm was one of our early Masters who inaugurated an annual lunch for the Past Masters, their ladies and a few other guests of the Marketors 'family'. He was a towering figure in every sense of the word; his lunch provides an occasion to remember Absent Friends. My husband, Roger, and I were honoured to be invited, as is the tradition, to share the memories.

Later I attended an exhibition of paintings and prize-giving to the artists organised by the Painter-Stainers' Company at their lovely hall. The attendees were drawn from the arts and the City (a luvvy-livery mix?) and we mere artisans opened our eyes in amazement at the variety of styles, textures, colour codes and scale of the displays. I cannot pretend to have understood it all but it was good to be exposed to what is new and considered to be excellent.

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