Sunday, 28 November 2010

Lord Phillips at the Actuaries' Lecture - Monday 22nd November 2010

Lord Phillips, President of the Supreme Court, was the speaker at the Worshipful Company of Actuaries' annual lecture at Staple Inn last week.

He explained how the Supreme Court came to be established in place of the former court in the House of Lords. It is the separation of powers between the Legislature (Houses of Parliament), the Executive (Government) and the Judiciary (Judges) which is crucial.

The former Law Lords (Judiciary) also sat in the House of Lords (Legislature), so the separation of powers could have been perceived as being compromised, although those directly involved never felt that this was the case.

Lord Phillips described the hair-raising political process of reaching agreement on this fundamental reform, but finished by assuring us that the outcome was a significant improvement. Apart from greater transparency of accountability, the new Supreme Court building is much more suitable for public access and openness - something highly desirable in the administration of justice.

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