Sunday, 28 November 2010

Baroness Hogg at the City Lecture - Tuesday 23rd November 2010

The final major event of the year for the Marketors - our City Lecture, with Baroness Hogg as speaker.

(Sidebar: my day started with a wonderful invitation to the service at Westminster Abbey preceding the start of the Church of England's General Synod. My host, Junior Warden Sally Muggeridge, was processing as a member of Synod, as was 'my' Rector from Guildford, Robert Cotton. However it was a hat occasion so afterwards I had to find a hairdresser in a hurry to repair my squashed locks. Thank goodness for Hershesons Blow Dry Bar at One New Change in the City.)

The London Chamber of Commerce was the venue for our event, attended by 120 members, their guests and Masters and Clerks of other Livery Companies. I was particularly pleased that one Master remarked on the number of younger, active people in our Livery.

Baroness Hogg, Chairman of the Financial Reporting Council, emphasised that there was no one perfect model of corporate governance, which had to strike the right balance between reducing risk while not stifling entrepreneurship. She examined three models - trust, legal and transparency - and expressed her strong belief in the value of the "comply or explain" principle. Her speech will be on our website shortly and I will insert the link to it as soon as possible. It is well worth reading, whether or not you attended the event.

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