Friday, 1 June 2012

Common Hall


It has been some time since we held a Common Hall, and so where better to gather than the Guildhall. I was delighted to find that those attending included Past Masters, Wardens, Court Assistant, committee chairs and members, and those Liverymen who  had a genuine interest in the workings of the company and its future. 

While a Livery Company is different to any other organisation, Common Hall is generally regarded as the equivalent of an AGM, and so there were brief reports from the equivalent of its “officers”. These included our Learned Clerk Adele Thorpe who outlined our financial position and that of the Marketors Trust; Senior Warden Sally Muggeridge who addressed Funding, Membership Development and Activities; Middle Warden Roddy Mullin who covered Reaching Out and Influencing Opinion; and Junior Warden Michael Harrison who discussed Alliances and Communications. This was followed by me reviewing the possible future structure and direction of the Company. 

Each report was well received and there followed a very lively Q&A session which continued into the buffet supper. In my view this was an extremely valuable event and one which I would strongly recommend is repeated each year. An annual report to the Liveymen on the activities of the Company not only keeps them informed, but is a way of measuring the Company's progress, a key issue as we develop our Strategic Plan for both the medium and long term.  

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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