Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Queen's Garden Party


With thousands of other people attending we knew what to expect - crowds. As we entered Buckingham Palace we were not disappointed. Rows of couples in their Sunday best queueing to enter through the "front door". The garden was bound to be crowded too but, as it was more a park then a garden, this was not the case. The afternoon started with a leisurely stroll around the grounds, occasionally meeting fellow Livery people, we even had time to sit on a bench under a tree and people watch. 

We of course knew that, because of the numbers there, we were unlikely to get more than a glimpse of the members of the Royal Family. Again how wrong we were. From the Palace three pathways were established in the crowd, down which the Queen, the Duke and the rest of the Royal Family respectively walked to their tea in the tent by the lake. We were amongst the crowd awaiting the passing of the Queen when the family in front of us were removed to talk to Her Majesty. So a front row view for us of a charming lady.

We then moved to the Dukes pathway which was eventually joined by the Royal Family one right by where we were standing. So all the Family members there paraded past us. And yes even including the Duchess of Cambridge. All, that is, except the Prince of Wales who spotted the Master Marketors chain and came over, shook our hands and had a chat about livery companies. A truly memorable occasion.

Obviously we had to have tea, after all 27,000 cups are served at each event. This coupled with the perfectly made sandwiches, the cake and strawberry ice cream, and the perfect weather, rounded off a never to be forgotten day.

John Flynn
Master Marketor    

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