Friday, 18 May 2012

The Roundtable


To be honest the table was oblong and in the Guildhall, so not particularly close to King Arthors seat. However, the cameradery, or as we know it fellowship, was in abundance. The occasion was the briefing for new Freemen, an opportunity for them to gain an insight into the Corporation of the City of London, the way the Company works, the opportunities for them to get involved and progress in the Company, and the intriguing topic of event etiquette.

In all there were twenty new Freeman in attendance who, in addition to hearing from Wardens, Committee chairs, and Freemen who had become involved with the company, also heard from the Chairman of Policy and Resources for the City of London Corporation, Stuart Fraser. His was not just a historic view but a real insight into the way the City works and how it relates to its communities both at home and abroad. The final presentation was from the Clerk, and was a revelation for the new members. From dress codes to dining etiquette, they were introduced to the way members and guests should conduct themselves and, more importantly, why.

The evening ended with a tour of the Guildhall's imposing medieval Great Hall. The largest and most impressive room, it is where royalty and state visitors have been entertained down the centuries since it was originally built in 1411. Despite the Great Fire of London and the Blitz the structure, with the exception of the roof and most of the windows, is original. A fitting end to an excellent event. 

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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