Monday, 28 May 2012

Jailed in the Tower


Bail having been posted for me, I was released from the Tower of London early this afternoon. Prior to this, along with several other Masters, I was lured into the Mansion House in full regalia only to have my misdemeanours read out for all to hear. In order to protect the innocent I will not go into detail other than to  advise that mine involved Macbeth and Mabel.

 A ball and chain was then attached to our wrist by the police and we felons, including the Lady Mayoress, were transported in an old police bus to the Tower where we were paraded through it in single file much to the confusion and delight of the vast number of camera wielding tourists. We were then fed and watered and having secured bail, had our finger prints taken before we were sent on our way with a warning.

As you will hopefully have guessed this was not as serious as it sounds in that it was charity drive on behalf of the Red Cross which I understand raised more than £30,000 from donation provided by our respective Companies and from friends. To say that we were fed bread and water is not quite true in that the lunch was excellent and the "water" was of a particularly good vintage. So a lot of fun was had by all and a worthy charity received a boost. An all-together worthwhile afternoon.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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