Friday, 4 May 2012

Subalterns Thinking and Curry


Regrettably there were a number of Marketors events which I had to miss recently due to not being quite as fit as I hoped. As before, I feel that they deserve a mention in my blog as they were organised, attended and enjoyed by Marketors. Also I would like to thank Senior Warden Sally Muggeridge for deputising for me.

The first of these was the Subalterns Evening on the 19th April which was organised and hosted by Fujitsu.  A remarkable evening by all accounts with a total of 18 Marketors attending, all Freemen, with the exception of the three Wardens. After a reception, our Senior Warden, Sally Muggeridge welcomed the 30 fellow diners from 151 Regiment and Fujitsu and during the dinner they received background presentations from Simon Blagden MBE Non-Exec Chairman, Fujitsu Telecommunications, and Lt Col Adrian Lee, CO 151 (London) Transport Regiment. Later Capt. Kim How of 151 explained the logistics of the London Olympic Game on which he had been working, and Cpl Bonnie Dacre, who had recently returned from Afghanistan, addressed the winning of hearts and minds and also the inherent dangers in working there. 

Finally, Major General Mark Poffley, Hon Col 151 (London) Transport Regiment summed up the evening and fielded questions and everyone departed much later than planned with a much greater understanding of 151’s role both at peace and at war. Great pity I missed this particularly as I worked for Fujitsu for many years.  

Next to the Think Tank Seminar on the 23rd April at Chicago Booth. Despite heavy rain the turnout was about 35 with a good mix of members and guests. The speakers, who were both winners of the Marketors Trust Awards, addressed topics of real interest to the audience. This was reflected in the Q&A which lasted 40 minutes. Apparently there was a real sense of engagement and everyone had a chance to participate. As always there were drinks and substantial canap├ęs afterwards but apparently everyone talking so much that they didn’t drink the planned amount of wine – must be a first for the Marketors!

And so to the The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) - now called The Soldiers Charity - and the Lord Mayor's Annual Curry Lunch on 26 April at the Guildhall or as it was renamed for the occcasion “The Lord Mayor’s Diamond Jubilee Big Curry Lunch”. HRH The Duke of Kent was guest of honour and, with practically every Livery Company represented, plus a great many other dignatories, the receiving line was long. Eventually released to follow the curry aromas to the Great Hall there was also there an astounding array of glittering prizes up for auction - from cars to dinners, holidays etc and two stunning necklaces donated by the Goldsmiths.  Sadly neither the Deputy Master or the Clerk were successful in winning anything. However the amount raised is likely to be over £225,000.  By many accounts an enjoyable, if occasionally chaotic, event which I am sad to have missed.

I am delighted to advise that these should be the last events to which I will have to send my apologies. I am really looking forward to the rest of my year  

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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