Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Spring Events


This year it was decided that we should link the Thanksgiving and Rededication service to the Spring Lunch and have a parade from one to the other. As it turned out this was the perfect choice with each part offering something new.

The service at St Brides Church, Fleet Street was led by our Honorary Chaplain, The Venerable David Meara, and supported by an excellent turnout of Marketors. The solemnity and grandeur of the event was strengthened by the performance of the amazing St Brides Choir who included in their selection Mascagni's Easter Hymn, Bizet's Au fond du temple saint from Pearl Fishers and Lloyd-Webbers Pie Jesu. However it was the Anthem at the end which finally brought the congregation to actually applaud, something they had wanted to do all along. It was Loesser's "Sit down you're rocking the boat" from the show Guys and Dolls. The choir became a West End chorus and the lead character, Nicely Nicely, was perfect.

And so, with a spring in their step, or in my case with wheel chair wheels rolling, the congregation formed up to make their way to Stationers Hall. Our police escort, while on a bike and in shorts, created one of the other memorable moments for us. As we approached the large junction of Ludgate Circus, he stopped the traffic in all directions allowing us to parade diagonally across to Ludgate Hill. A truly unique occasion.

Finally we reached Stationers Hall. It was a little chilly to have the reception in the garden as planned but there was adequate space inside this grand building. As I was unsure whether I could stand for a full welcoming line-up it was decided to forgo that and have, what could be described as, a welcome area for the Master. This worked extremely well as it gave me more time with people, and I was seated. The other items on show were our Treasures. This was a most impressive display which came as a surprise to many.

And so to the lunch. As we did not have a Ceremonial Court it was decided to make awards during the lunch. The first of these was the new Exceptional Service Award which I was delighted to present to Peter Short . His work on the Company's History Project, the Marketors Livery Golf day and the Lord Mayors Show has been exemplary, indeed his work on any one of these would have warranted consideration for this award. Next came two awards for academic achievement. First to Ben Blake and Nicholas Reid of London Business School for a project addressing pricing for TV over the internet; and then Joshua Jalloul from the University of Westminster Business School with a dissertation addressing the effectiveness of "green" advertising. Both were excellent pieces of work. 

Next I welcomed our guests which included the Masters of the Carmen, Launderers, World Traders and Management Consultants; closely followed by our guest speaker, Anthony Thomson. A Liveryman of the Marketors and an ex committee chair, he is a consummate marketer, who started his career by selling advertising space for a newspaper and went on to be the Chairman of the new MetroBank the first High Street chain to be established in over one hundred years. His presentation was both entertaining and informative to the point where some asked if I could ask him back.

So, in all a most excellent day which seems to have something for everyone. What an ideal way to return to the fold.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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