Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Games: Pure Marketing Gold?


The Worshipful Companies of Marketors, Stationers and Information Technologists joined together to create the 2012 Summer Forum which was entitled "London Games 2012: Pure Marketing Gold". Held this evening at the impressive Stationers Hall it attracted an audience of over 100 from a wide range of professions. With speakers from McCann Worldgroups and Lloyds TSB together with representatives from specialist agencies Space and Unruly Media the presentations explored how brand sponsorship, behavioural understanding and digital media will impact the London Olympics 2012.

The insight into the benefits and challenges of the games for the corporate sponsors put their £1.3bn investment into perspective. For many the return will relate to brand awareness and sales while others will gain from the changes created within their own organisations. These revelations, plus the discussions after with the speakers and other guests, created an informative and entertaining evening for the Mistress and I, and proved that cooperation between Livery Companies can benefit all.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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