Friday, 22 June 2012

City Livery


It was the Mansion House today and yesterday. Yesterday it was lunch, or to be precise, almost two dinners. We (Master, Mistress and Clerk) were at a tasting in the afternoon to decide the fare for the Marketors banquet in July. As always, an interesting occasion which I feel sure will result in an excellent selection of food and wine.

Today, or rather this evening, we attended the City Livery Club's Civic Reception and Dinner at the Mansion House where we were greeted by the new President Michael Hudson. While I was announced during the presentations as a guest of the Club, I was in fact a guest of my wife Brenda who is the member of the club. It was an excellent evening with some familiar faces from the Livery and the Marketors including Valerie Boakes who is Past President of the Club and also Liveryman of the Marketors. Not surprisingly the Lord Mayor was in attendance with the Lady Mayoress, after all it is home for their year. The reply on behalf of the guests was given by Sheriff Alan Yarrow who, coincidentally, will be addressing us at the Marketors banquet. So a small world in the City.

In all an excellent two days mainly centred around the Mansion House.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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