Wednesday, 20 June 2012

PM's and Schubert


The life of a Master is never dull, and certainly wasn't today. First came the Past Master's Lunch at the Guildhall. While a pleasant occasion with, of course, excellent company, it is in effect a mid term review of the Masters year. Needless to say, I cannot divulge what was discussed as it was under Chatham House Rules, however I can advise that it seemed to go well. Which is more than can be said for the second event that day.

The Spittlefields Music Summer Festival in June is one of two they produce in Tower Hamlets throughout the year. We were kindly invited to an evening reception at Shoreditch Town Hall and then to Shoreditch Church for a concert by the Schubert Ensemble. The programme included Martinu, Dvorak and a new piece by Huw Watkins. The music was challenging and rewarding and we were wrapped in it when, as they approached the end of the second movement of the Martinu Piano Quartet No.1 H287, the viola players instrument seemed to explode. The explanation was that "the gut at the end had snapped". Not carrying a spare, a member of the audience offered to pop home and get another one - home only being 5 minutes away. So a brief interlude and they were back on track.  While not our usual taste in music it is always exciting to experience such skill and emotion. 

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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