Monday, 25 June 2012

A New Sheriff in Town


To be accurate it is two Sheriffs and they are in the City. For over 800 years the Liverymen of the City of London have gathered at the Guildhall to elect two new Sheriffs, one of whom may, in time, become the Lord Mayor of London. It  happened again today in the presence of over 600 Liverymen, all 108 Masters and other City dignatories in an assembly called Common Hall. In addition such roles as Bridge Masters, Ale Conners and Auditors were elected together with the members of the Livery Committee.  Interestingly, there being no political parties in the City, all were elected on merit by their peers.

Afterwards I met with the Mistress and we, together with other Marketors, ajourned to the Farmer & Fletchers Hall for a Livery Luncheon, first stopping off at our office in One London Wall to deposit my gown and chain and sign off various documents. As always the meal, this time comprising of Crab, Duck and Eton Mess, was excellent as was the wine. However the delight was the seating which, on such an occasion, is mainly on the basis of drawing a ticket from a hat. I had a Baroness one side, a fabric designed the other and a firefighter and the Mistress infront of me - so some facinating conversations. 

Not only a very pleasant lunch but also, and more importantly, we have elected two fine Sheriffs for the next year.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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