Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thinking of the Future


It will not be my usual practise to blog about committee activities, however there will be exceptions and the Think Tank's Business Breakfast today is one of them. The aim of the meeting was to gather ideas for future topics that the Think Tank might address. The range of possible subjects submitted prior to the event suggested a really dynamic meeting and we were not disappointed. The broad spectrum of experience and background amongst the participants meant that each topic was viewed from a multitude of perspectives.

Potentially the most difficult task of the day was that of Chair, but this was most ably handled by the TT Chair, Past Master Venetia Howe. She allowed the appropriate level of discussion but ensured that we came to a structured conclusion on time. As I recall two of the key topics were digital marketing, the privacy value trade off and the shift in public behaviour; and measurement and the sales marketing fusion in the City - but I could be wrong. As with such meeting only the scribe really capture the essence of the output.

So a very productive meeting, and excellent start to the year and definitely supporting my theme of Marketing:The Business Driver. And the breakfast was good too.

John Flynn
Master Marketor 

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