Friday, 17 February 2012

Is Occupy' Right?


Before reporting on a most excellent lecture this evening I must give an insight into the lesser known duties of a Master. These include agreeing the service which is to take place prior to the Spring lunch and ensuring that the St Brides choir has the variety of pieces to set off their amazing voices while also reflecting my very broad range of musical interests. Then there is the food at the Spring Lunch itself. This all has to be tasted and approved which is why Brenda and I had almost the equivalent of two lunches each this afternoon. The things we do for the Marketors.

And so to the evening and the World Traders' annual Tacitus Lecture at the Guildhall. With almost 850 people attending, this was by far and away the largest gathering of the week and I guess possibly even the year. The subject was "Is Occupy' Right?" and the lecture given by Terry Smith. A controversial figure in the City, and author of "Accounting for Growth: stripping the camouflage from company accounts" Terry's outspoken and forthright views were well received by this very mixed audience. This was reflected in the Q&A session which covered a broad range of topics. Rather than go into the detail I would refer you to  where you can see the video and read the transcript. Just to give you a taste, he believes that the banks should be split and the markets left free to fail - and justifies these and other opinions with common sense logic.

And thence to a buffet in the Library of the Guildhall where we met a surprisingly large number of friends many from different parts of our life. In all one of the better nights this week.

John Flynn
Master Marketor 

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