Friday, 24 February 2012

The Court and Bremner


The first official duty today was to Chair my first Marketors Business Court. Before it started there were two presentations. One relating to the exceptional work of the Heritage Committee in digitising the archives, and the other on the conclusion of Phase One of the Forming the Future project. Both were informative and important to the company in their different ways. I wont go into the detail of the Court other than to state that there were 19 in attendance and, despite a heavy agenda, I did manage to end at 5:35, the target being 5:30.

And so a quick dash home to change, and on to the Grosvernor House Hotel for the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards. While on a VIP ticket, it was as a Trustee of the CAM Foundation, one of the sponsors, rather than as the Master that I was first recognised. With what seemed to be over 900 guests at the banquet this was a great event, and I was fortunate enough to be announcing one of the winners. This I learnt the day before when the CAM Chair dropper out, and so as immediate past chair, it fell to me. Which means that I can now say that I shared a stage with Rory Bremner - if only briefly. Oh yes, my category was Technology and the winners were McCann London on behalf of XBOX 360.

As always at such events the real pleasure was meeting old friend from the CIM and other parts of the industry and, of course, making new ones. A really great evening, thanks to our friends at the CIM.

John Flynn
Master Marketor      

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