Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stationary Piracy


The Digital Media Group Roundtable event entitled "What is the Impact of Piracy on the Entertainment Industry and what is it doing about it?" may not be the catchiest title, but with leading speakers from the film, recording and publishing industries and the Managing Editor of MSN Entertainment in the Chair plus a legal expert in attendance, this Stationers event was a real eye opener.

The challenges facing these business sectors were clearly defined, as were the responses from both industry and the government. The Digital Economy Act, which has been drafted to address online copyright infringement, is still being challenged but should be fully deployed by 2013. It was noted that whilst the main piracy culprits are as young as 11 years with the concentration being 16-24 years, the vast majority pay for content with 75% of album sales still being in the form of CD's.

It was felt that the solution was to do as the French now do, which is to have a system whereby piracy is monitored and people are made aware that their activity has been noticed. This simple act has greatly reduced piracy and increased legitimate sales. To this end the UK record industry have started to send out 20,000 notices per day and are awaiting results.

While the Stationers Hall was as usual very welcoming, and the discussion most thought provoking, the fellowship after was the highlight. So our thanks to Ian Bennett of the Stationers who organised the event (and the excellent refreshments). It was a most interesting evening in convivial company which included, from the Marketors, the Mistress Brenda together with Liveryman David Williams, Freemen Andy Robinson and Jonathan Williams, plus their guests.  

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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