Sunday, 21 February 2010

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The Master for 2010/2011 is Venetia Howes. Her year’s theme is Sustainability, which includes not only the environment and social responsibility, but also those things that contribute to the long-term prosperity of organisations, such as governance, brand, reputation and developing people.

She says, "My greatest hope this year is that the Company will achieve its coming-of-age by being granted its Royal Charter."

"I would also like to consolidate the growth in membership that we have achieved in recent years, by strengthening friendships between members. I aim to increase understanding of how the Company works (for example, what the committees and the Court do) and to create opportunities for fellowship, through realistically-priced events for members and their guests."
"Finally, and this is reflected in my theme, Sustainability, I want to encourage our members, at a time when short-term pressures are acute, to remember the long-term."

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