Friday, 26 February 2010

26th February the Financial Services Group

Twelve people gathered in the entrance hall of Mansion House this afternoon, were accompanied up to one of the glorious reception rooms, and made a presentation to the Lord Mayor.

Marketors may not generally be aware that their Company is a member of a group of 11 Livery Companies forming the Financial Services Group. Other members include the Solicitors, the Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Secretaries, the Actuaries, Insurers, Arbitrators, Information Technologists, World Traders, Management Consultants and the Tax Advisors. (The 12th person was Ian Richardson, secretary to the FSG and Junior Warden of the Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.)

The group was set up four years ago primarily to provide a network for access to particular expertise and experience for the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs. The group is still in its relatively early years, but is gradually extending its profile by introducing itself and its offer of support to Aldermen, especially those below the chair.

Our Past Master Keith Arundale was the founder representative from the Marketors. After completing his service period of 3 years he handed over to me. It is a fascinating privilege to meet and discuss issues with these representatives of professions which are so relevant to the issues faced by the City today.

This afternoon we were presenting the Lord Mayor with this year's booklet describing the role of the Financial Services Group and the services that each member company offers. You can read more and (in a few days' time) see photographs of the ceremony at

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