Monday, 22 February 2010

10th February - a 3 in 1 day

A day to be remembered, among better things, for lots of walking with a roller bag, dodging on and off public transport, sometimes in high heels in a full-length skirt, and at one point through a snow blizzard. However, the better bits were very good indeed.

Starting with lunch at HQS Wellington with the Master Mariners (whose Master is indeed called the Master Master Mariner, and is the hospitable Malcolm Parrott) where I learned that the Weavers don't have a Master but an Upper Bailiff. Also drew conclusions from the fact that even the Clerk's badge in some Companies has diamonds!

Then to a meeting at Cutlers' Hall for supporters (including our Clerk, Adele Thorpe) of Richard Sermon's campaign to be elected Sheriff in June this year - my first opportunity to see this City process first-hand.

Finally on to Brooks's Club in St James for dinner with the Guild of Public Relations Practitioners. We were made extremely welcome, together with numerous guests from their regimental association with the Media Operations Group (Volunteers). The guest speaker was General James Bucknall who gave us some insights into the realities of current operations in Helmand province. My neighbour Lt Col Tim Purbrick was also able to explain to me why the current big push had been so clearly "signalled" in advance.

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