Monday, 22 February 2010

11th February - a different sort of Court

At short notice I was invited to have lunch with Her Majesty's judges at the Old Bailey. Arrived wielding the Pancake Race Wooden Spoon (see post for 16th Feb - it's a 3 foot long version, so could be considered an offensive weapon) to the amusement of the security staff. Hosted by Alderman and Sheriff David Wootton and entertained by the Seconder and Under Sheriff, who, in his tail coat and lace jabot, described himself as "a council workman" - Corporation of London, of course.

Afterwards we were permitted to sit in on a live case, in the "pit" rather than the public gallery. A totally new experience for me, and a source of great pride to see British justice in action - very painstaking, with a great effort to enable ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to give their evidence.

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