Friday, 15 April 2011

Rocking in the aisles

 One of the interesting things about most Livery Companies is that in general the membership is older rather than younger. Rock and roll was what they were brought up on in their youth. So it's no surprise that the Company's trip to see Million Dollar Quartet at the Noel Coward theatre last Thursday had a big turn out. It was a hugely successful evening. But then it's a hugely successful musical commemorating as it does the day when Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash  were all in the studio together making music: a unique occasion. This was a 100% feel-good factor night out in the company of these legends. The evening started at the glamorous Ivy in the upstairs Ivy Club. Here everyone met and pre-theatre drinks and food were served. Senior Warden John Flynn, a serious West End theatre goer and investor, had used his connections to have a West producer talk to us about the nature of putting on West end shows, the risks involved, the work involved, the strong nerves needed, and the rewards if if a show became a hit. A lively question and answer session followed. Then, as they say, it was on with the show.

The evening was a glorious rock and roll celebration with a cast who gave more than 100% as smash hit after smash came out----Blue Suede Shoes ( a Carl Perkins song pinched by Elvis); I walk The Line; Great balls Of Fire; Hound Dog; See You later alligator.....and on and on. This was more than foot tapping, this was music in the blood. ''The devils music' it was called when it broke on an unsuspecting world used to the crooning of Sinatra. It was in its day mould breaking;  it was the music which led on to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and everything that's come since.
A great evening to remember.


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