Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Lord Mayor's Dinner

Every year the Lord Mayor has a Dinner for the Masters of all the Livery Companies plus wives. It was last week and needless to say Mansion House was packed out. At such events I find I can greet an increasing number of friends as I get to know more Masters of other Livery Companies. The Dinner itself, in the Egyptian Room was splendid with first class food and wine. On such an occasion the Lord Mayor is thanking, praising and encouraging the Livery (as well he might as the Livery put him in his exalted role!) Lord Mayor Michael Bear spoke eloquently but perhaps equally eloquently but a little more cogently was the response on behalf of the guests given by the Master of the Mercers. It was an outstanding speech and I have taken the liberty of writing to him to ask for a copy. All in all a delightful evening and makes one reflect upon what it means to be Master of a City Livery Company.

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