Thursday, 7 April 2011

151 Regiment Officers Mess Guest Dinner

Our relationship with 151 Regiment is a very strong one thanks to much good work done by our Regimental Liaison Committee ably headed by Liveryman Steven Rowe. It is no surprise therefore that they invite us to their dinners. The Dinner last Saturday was held in the Officers Mess in Bordon Hampshire, a relatively modern, very large officers' mess building situated in  beautiful rural surroundings. Would it survive the armed services cuts I wondered as I looked out of my bedroom windows at the surrounding woodlands.

It was a traditional Officers' Mess Dinner but this one was special since it was the occasion when the Regiment and the Marketors said goodbye to the Regiment's retiring Honorary Colonel, Brigadier Richard Rook. Richard has been invaluable in helping to build the relationship between 151 Regiment and the Marketors as I emphasised when I spoke after dinner. We and the Regiment welcomed at the Dinner the Regiment's new Honorary Colonel, Major General Mark Poffley. His is a huge job, as he is in charge of the whole of the UK land army and so he has what is reputed to be the busiest job in the army.

The evening progressed. The port went round, as is customary, and round, and round again. And again, then round again. I can't remember much more after that......

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