Sunday, 8 May 2011

Subalterns Evening

It's been a little while since I last blogged due to an indecently long Easter holiday, taking in the Royal wedding (and what a wedding!) and the resultant backlog of work. I write now about a super evening very generously provided by Freeman Richard Christou, the Business Group Chairman of Fujitsu, and masterminded on the evening by Freeman Simon Carter of Fujitsu in Richard's absence, living as Richard does currently in the Far East. The evening took the form of a Reception and Dinner held in Fujitsu's Baker Street offices

A most beautiful meal was interspersed with extremely interesting talks/presentations. Simon Carter demonstrated the enormously impressive diversity and global each of Fujitu's defence and security resources which are used, particularly the cyber ones, by just about every important Government Department as well as the MOD and firms and governments round the world. It's a firm with 175,000 employees providing solutions in 70 countries.

Simon was followed by a wittily produced presentation by 151 Regiment's RSM Scott Younger. Scott gave an amusingly animated presentation on the logistics needed to keep troops in the battle field supplied with kit, munitions, fuel and infrastructure necessities. Finally we heard from Lt Austin Chamberlain who deployed to Afganistan with 3 Para. We heard at first hand how the propoganda war is being fought and how influence is a tool of war when skillfully used.

All in all a fascinating evening much enjoyed by all present and we are indebted to Fujitsu for their generosity in making the evening possible.

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