Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Great 13 Past Masters Group inaugural Meeting and Luncheon, Painter's Hall Friday 29 November

Each Master who visits Ironbridge in June as part of their year is invited to be included in the establishment of a Past Masters Group.  The Lord Mayor present is invited to be President and during the course of the weekend the group is formed.  In our case the President is Roger Gifford.  As Master Marketer I was invited to propose a name for the PM's Group.  I thought the Jolly Rogers would be a great idea (naturally endorsed by Roger!).  I envisaged years of champagne, courtesy of Pol Roger! However the name agreed was the Great 13 (I suggested the Grate 13 so that we could all irritate the Great 12!).  Ladies and Consorts settled on their name as The Pearls. A Committee was formed that weekend and I am pleased to serve as marketing consultant, initially by creating our logo. It was a most convivial luncheon and a grand reunion of our get together earlier this year.  Many are now Past Masters and it was good to see so many familiar faces.
We already have several interest groups proposed - golf, shooting etc, a proposed overseas visit and a date for next year's annual luncheon.

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