Monday, 9 December 2013

Think Tank Christmas Lunch Tuesday 3rd December at the Old Doctor Butler's Head

Past Master Venetia Howes organised Christmas luncheon at the famous Old Doctor Butler's Head public house in Mason Avenue, that quaint but busy thoroughfare from the Guildhall.  I was delighted to greet manymembers of the Company including the Senior Warden, Bill Payne, Chahid Fourali, Past Master Jim Surguy, John Hooper and Past Master David Hanger.  Jim will be taking over the Chair of the renamed Thought Leadership group in the New Year.  I actually think we might miss being Think Tankers! It was an excellent and very convivial lunch. Many thanks were given to Past Master Venetia for her excellent chairmanship of this important Committee. I encourage members to put their name forward to join up. Afterwards I took Chahid along to the Chamberlain's office at Guildhall to encourage him to book himself an appointment to discuss his potential Freedom of the City of London. How many Freemen of the Company forget to do this?!

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