Thursday, 27 June 2013

Visit to The Worshipful Company of Firefighters Friday 21 June

Off to Borough underground to visit the former Headquarter's of the LCC Fire Brigade. The Master welcomed us and talked about the history of fire fighting in the City. There was a fascinating tour of the museum illustrating the history of the equipment used and the techniques developed to quell the fires that raged in London in the substandard and very vulnerable homes of many Londoners over the years, especially during the second World War and in more recent times, at King's Cross and other tragic occurrences, saving lives while risking their own.  The Museum contained a wonderful collection of Insurance plates, as displayed on houses and business properties to identify that you had paid to have your fire put out!  Otherwise your property would be left to burn.  Interestingly, the original firefighters were all ex Royal Navy - if you had served on a ship you would certainly be familiar with the techniques required.

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