Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spitalfield Music's Summer Festival 2013 Thursday 13th June

A number of Masters and guests had been invited to a special concert of contemporary music by a young Benjamin Brittain and other composers at St Leonards Church Shoreditch.

Unlike Christ Church Spitalfields down the road, a famous Hawksmoor masterpiece and also hosting events in the Spitalfield Music Festival, St Leonards is a bit of a poor relation and in need of some serious restoration work - with time whilst listening to sadly see damp penetrating through the plaster in many places.

St Leonards, famous to us all for being mentioned in the song "Oranges and Lemons" is medieval but was rebuilt by George Dance the Elder - who also of course built Mansion House.  It used to be an actors church with a medieval theatre nearby. In the entrance the church still has stocks and a whipping post.
Let's hope someone "grows rich" enough to spend some money on this church situated in a relatively unmodernised area of London which the expanding City has not yet quite reached.

A famous church that has seen better days - by the builder of Mansion House

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