Wednesday, 22 May 2013

House of Lords Luncheon for the John Templeton Foundation Wednesday 22nd May 2013

The venue was the Chomondeley Room and Terrace which the Marketors will be using in September so quite a useful exercise in visiting for me apart from being a further celebration of the Templeton Prize. Three archbishops were present and the amusing comment was made about what a suitable collective term should be for the trio of clerics.  Somebody said "disaster" - was it Desmond?

The Terrace is a marquee erected alongside the Thames and gives wonderful views of the river, looking at tourists in a variety of craft who are no doubt looking back at us.

The host Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach collared me early on in the meal and asked me to deliver an impromptu speech at the end of the main course as a tribute to Desmond to the 100 or so present - not sure such unprepared surprises aid the digestion but all went well and recalled a few useful and amusing anecdotes.  It has certainly been a busy three days with invitations and events around the prizegiving. 

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