Friday, 8 March 2013

Vintners’ Hall Thursday 7th March The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers and Looking-Glass Makers of London

Hot on the heels of our own Common Hall I was invited to the Glass Sellers Common Hall held prior to their Court and Livery Dinner.  All members and guests were invited to attend, a welcome touch I felt although a bit restricting perhaps if any questions were arising – of which there were none.  It was an informative meeting with short presentations on the various aspects of the Glass Sellers Company’s organisation and work including  more recent and important links developed with industry in relation to the varied applications of glass in modern manufacturing.
It was an excellent dinner in a superb venue and the speeches and a traditional toast ‘To Glass’ emphasised the enduring nature and relevance of a cheap and recyclable material we largely take for granted – with of course glass in hand.
The Company received its Charter from Charles the Second in 1664 and ranks 71st in precedence – thereby celebrating its 350th anniversary next year.  Today the Company’s members are involved across many different trades and professions.  Whilst the Company’s outreach seeks to encourage interest in glass and glass making in all its many aspects and good craftsmanship, honest trading, charity and education are high on their agenda.  I was particularly impressed that the outreach included social and practical support in needy areas well outside “The City”.  As Guest Speaker the Reverend Canon Dave Wade spoke meaningfully about the work he does in his parish of St Luke’s, Canning Town, financially supported by the Glass Sellers.  Once an area of great industry and now one of the most deprived and run down areas in London,  Dave’s plain speaking  achievement  was in progressively  building his Sunday congregation back up from 3 – 150 in a short time.  This recovery almost beggared belief and his obvious commitment and energy in serving the largely unwaged and ethnically mixed population of that area was acknowledged by all present. 

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