Saturday, 16 March 2013

The United Guilds Service at St Paul's Friday 15th March

Immediately prior to the service, a short ceremony was held at Plaisterers' Hall for the purpose of David Pearson making his formal declaration to act fully as Junior Warden pending a formal full Ceremonial Court being held.  This meant that we once again had a full team of Master and Wardens in place in the Marketors for the walk to St Paul's Cathedral to attend the 71st Service of the United Guilds of the City of London.

This important Annual Service attended by all the Livery Companies and Guilds was first held on Thursday 25th March 1943 with the purpose of lifting spirits of the City after the devastation of the Blitz during the Second World War.  This was as a result of a meeting of the Masters and Prime Wardens of the Great Twelve Companies held at Goldsmiths Hall on 1st February 1943.  This is thought to be the first occasion when all the Livery Companies and Guilds had combined to hold a religious service.

The service starts with a procession of the Masters and Prime Wardens of the Great Twelve Companies and some of the others, and other City dignitaries including the Lord Mayor and takes place in a very full cathedral.  A challenging sermon about generosity and giving was given by the Bishop of Chelmsford whose diocese includes part of East London. 

After the service we adjourned for a reception and luncheon at Plaisterers Hall along with a number of other companies, hosted by the Master Plaisterer.

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