Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Common Hall Stationers Hall Tuesday 5th March

Common Hall is a feature of many Livery Companies, and in some is a regular annual event at which Master and Wardens are elected.  However in many others it is an irregular event, called at the behest of the Master and not necessarily held annually.   The format also varies between companies, in some more closely resembling an Annual General Meeting, but not always and it is a mistake to think of Common Hall in this way.
My main aim tonight in the brief time available was to provide information about the progress of the Company, to highlight some of the issues of concern to the Court, to explain where we are seeking to introduce change, and to give members the opportunity to raise questions.
As a confidential meeting between members of the livery I cannot give more details here.
Common Hall was followed by our inaugural Professional Dinner in which Professor Malcolm McDonald addressed us on “The Future of Marketing”.   
He particularly lamented the division that has opened up over the years between Marketing and Sales, and the number of people operating in marketing roles without any formal training. 
After the speech he gamely fielded questions from the members present.
Court Assistant Peter Rees, Chair of the Heritage Committee had brought up our treasure out of storage, providing members with one of the few occasions to view some of the generous gifts we have been given.  Hopefully, at some point we will be able to show this off better in a display cupboard.

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