Thursday, 1 November 2012

Support and Care


As a Marketor, this week you will have received a copy of the Marketors' Trust brochure for October 2012. This highlights the fact that the Trust has, since its creation in 1976, grown in value to £560,000 and over the past ten years distributed more than £350,000. This has helped over 200 charities, educational bursaries and sponsorships while each year the Trust makes over 30 grants and awards. The purpose of the mailing was to make you aware of the variety of good works with which it is involved and, of course, to encourage you to give more. The primary goal was financial contributions, although the Outreach Programme is always looking for additional support for their projects.

The one topic that was missing from the brochure was that of the Companys' culture of care, an activity of the Company rather than the Trust. This is an aspect of the Marketors which goes un noticed unless you have a particular need. While managed by the Almoner, who is now Past Master John Fisher, it involves the Master, the Clerk, the Wardens, Past Masters and members of the Court as appropriate, either visiting or keeping in contact with, those in need and their relatives. Where we are advised, funerals are attended and assistance offered to the family. As for the Chaplain he attends where appropriate, indeed in March I had the pleasure of an uplifting visit from Cannon David Meera while I was in hospital.         

Maybe not cradle to grave, but the Marketors are concious of its members progress and well being. So where you can do please support our charitable activities. 

John Flynn
Master Marketor 


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