Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Comms & PR


I don't usually blog about a committee meeting but this one was different. It was the final Comms & PR Committee of the year and was held at Lucio's, a restaurant on the Fulham Road. Also it was the last one for its chair, David Williams, who is stepping down, or is it up, to become Consort to next years Master, his wife, Sally Muggeridge. David suggested that it would be something of a sabbatical but I brought him down to earth with tales of the tasks ahead and the fact that while he will be standing down from a number of committees it does not mean that their Chairs will not be calling on him for guidance. David's contribution to both Comms & PR and other areas of the Company has been enormous. We thank him and look forward to his return to the Court in 2014.

And so to the meeting. With the new Company strategy including four discrete Aims and related measurable objectives, there was a lot to talk about. It is proposed that Comms & PR, plus other functions, be positioned as support services rather that part of a particular Aim, so lots to do next year. Then there are the rolling projects such as the web site, the Marketor, and the Directory. In all it looks like a busy time next year for all, and in particular Leo Addis the current Secretary, proposed Chair and host for the evening.

And so to the reception and dinner. But first the Master Elect, Sally, arrived hot foot from the Church of England Synod, on which she sits, where the eagerly anticipated vote for women Bishops had just been lost. She was able to drown her sorrows in the delightful atmosphere of fellowship which permeated the gathering of Marketors.

While on the subject of food, the Mistress, Clerk and I are off tomorrow to do a tasting, which involves being presented with two complete dinners and selecting which dishes and wines to put before the guests, this time at the Court Dinner. Its a tough life but someone has to do it.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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