Monday, 12 November 2012

A Memorable Day

Remembrance Day started for us at St Brides Church in Fleet Street with a Choral Eucharist at 10:50am and the Act of Remembrance at 11:00. I, along with others, laid a wreath of poppy's, ours having our coat of arms as the centre piece. This was followed by the Requiem Mass accompanied by the magnificent choir, the organ and orchestra of St Brides. I was delighted to see Marketors amongst the congregation. A truely moving occasion summed up in the simple phrase "We will remember them".

Refreshments were available after the service but we had to dash to the Crypt of St Paul's where we had been invited to lunch with our good friends the members of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. This is a Company with which we have had a long association, their Hall being our first home in the City and where we still hold our treasures. An delicious meal was had by all in pleasant and historic surrounding with congenial company. For us we shares a table with Marketor, and Chair of Events John Wheen, and his wife Barbara. As might be expected when in good company we did not notice the time going hence the next rush.

And so another dash, this time a little further to Lauderdale House on Highgate Hill. Situated in Waterlow Park and dating back to 1582, it was originally built for Sir Richard Martin – the then Master of the Mint and three times Lord Mayor of London. Occupants since then have included the mistress of Charles II, Nell Gwynn, who lived there for a short time with their infant son, the Duke of St. Albans.  We were not there on Marketors business but I thought I would mention it anyway just to round off the day. We were there for the Sunday afternoon  Cabaret which today starred Norman Bowman the Mack in our production of the much acclaimed "Mack & Mabel" which was attended by the Marketors recently. To our surprise and delight one of his guest singers was Laura Pitt-Pulford, or Mabel as some of you know her. A wonderful ending to a hectic and diverse day.

John Flynn
Master Marketor

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