Sunday, 26 June 2011

St Dunstan's College CCF Contingent Dinner

St Dunstan's College CCF with whom we have a strong and happy relationship goes from strength to strength. On the left you see cadets at the Armed Services Flag Raising Day in Guildhall Yard last Monday.

On the same day their enormously talented Corps of Drums performed in the garden of Stationers Hall before the City Livery Club Civic Lunch.

A number of us were privileged to attend as guests their Contingent Dinner in the college main hall on Saturday evening.

A black tie event the room was full of gilded youth immaculately dressed and immaculately behaved. The Contingent Dinner is an 'end of term' affair whose principal role is to celebrate the achievements of the year and award prizes to the winners in various categories, including the award of the Coxswain's Sword generously gifted last year by Court Assistant David Williams. The guest of honour was Tim Lowe Commodore of the Marine Warfare School. With wide international experience and many ship commands he was in a perfect position to explain the role of the military in the modern world and, essentially, the human requirements of those who serve. It is people he said, not equipment or services, which are at the heart of successful operating units and in this respect he was full of praise for the schools CCF which he had at an earlier time had the responsibility of checking and monitoring.
I cannot say I was in any way reminded of the dinners I suffered when I was at school. On Saturday night we were treated to a quite excellent dinner and listened to some very mature speakers from amongst the CCF award winners. If the CCF is representative of the school as a whole Past Master Sir Paul Judge, Chairman of the Governors, and an old boy should be a very happy man.

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