Tuesday, 21 June 2011

City Livery Club Lunch

Straight from the Armed Forces Flag Raising ceremony in Guildhall Yard to the City Livery Club Civic Reception and Luncheon at Stationers Hall. The weather was beautiful and so the drinks reception was held in the garden of the hall which as you can see from the picture above is quite lovely and lends itself perfectly to this sort of occasion. There I met many friends from other Companies before we went up the garden steps into the hall for lunch.

The City Livery Club was founded nearly 100 years ago in 1914 and comprises not just City Liverymen but Liverymen and Freemen of all Livery Companies as well having Associate membership for related bodies such as the Guild of Freemen, the Society of Young Freemen, Ward Clubs and others. So the membership is wide, many Marketors are members and I am pleased to say that this year's President, who hosted the Luncheon, is a Marketor--Valerie Boakes. It was a beautifully run event with fine food and wine and good company. Valerie spoke well in proposing the guests-and then the Lord Mayor spoke. I have heard Lord Mayor Michael Bear speak now at least half a dozen times at various events. He invariably finds a way to introduce into his speeches puns, one after another. Who puts him up to this I wonder: his wife, his speech writers or is he a natural punster. I look forward greatly to hearing him again at our Mansion House Banquet. If I can Bear more puns.

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