Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jailed and Bailed

Last week I was arrested. It happened like this. I was having a quiet coffee with some other Masters at the Sheriffs' invitation in Mansion House. Suddenly there was a huge racket as multiple whistles were blown. Was this a fire drill I thought. But no, in marched 4 policemen all in full Victorian police uniform. An Inspector then had the temerity to read out outrageous trumped up charges against each of us and we were arrested. A ball and chain was fixed to each person's arm and we were marched out into the street. There awaited us an early twentieth century coach, restored and an eye catcher as it drove us straight into the Tower of London.
Awaiting us were two Yeoman Warders with Halberds at the ready. We were unceremoniously marched, single file, across the central Courtyard and into the dining room of the Fusiliers Museum. Bread and water awaited. Things looked up. The water was golden and sparkled. The 'bread' was served buffet style. Fortunately I had bail, thanks to the generosity of all those who so kindly donated money against this eventuality. All the collected Bail money happily went to the Red Cross. Then, having had my photo taken, whilst holding a card with a number on it against my chest (such indignity!), and my fingerprints taken, I and my fellow Masters were allowed out into the sunshine. An unrepeatable experience for an extremely worthwhile cause.

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