Thursday, 6 January 2011

TheCityUK - a new organisation promoting the City

After a couple of quiet weeks, this week marks the return to 'business as usual' for the City of London and for the Marketors.

Thanks to my colleague on the Financial Services Group, Karl Davies (Arbitrators), today he and I met the Chief Executive, Chris Cummings, and the Senior Manager International, Richard Normington, of TheCityUK.

TheCityUK, is the new organisation supporting the financial and related professional services industry - effectively doing PR for the City domestically and internationally.

We felt there was common ground between the Financial Services Group and TheCityUK so we wanted to meet, exchange notes and see what we could do for each other. Of course, the first step in such situations is to avoid treading on each others' toes; we were delighted to be greeted with great warmth, a spirit of co-operation, and absolutely no territorial nonsense.

We all have a shared goal - the sustainable commercial success of the City of London - and we shall continue to work together to that end.

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