Friday, 21 January 2011


Would I like to continue where Past Master Venetia left off, with the Master's Blog I was asked. Why not I thought until I realised how much skill and verve Venetia brought to the task. As a management report writer rather than a journalist it will be an interesting journey for me--and I hope you.

First up obviously was the Installation Dinner last night  and the Ceremonial Court beforehand. We admitted 2 new Liverymen and 4 new Freemen, as well as appointing John Flynn as Senior Warden, Sally Muggeridge as Middle Warden and Roddy Mullin as the Company's new Junior Warden. I congratulate all of them. There will be a full report in the next edition of Marketor but suffice it to say that the guest speaker Mark Price, M.D. of Waitrose, kept us all entertained and made us better informed about grocery retailing.

With my theme for the year being Innovation, I introduced an innovation in the form of a wine quiz, all proceeds going to our Charitable Trust and this raised £435. A good evening in all respects.

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