Thursday, 13 January 2011

"That's the way to do it" - 11th January 2011

No, this was not a Punch and Judy show, but my reaction to a beautifully organised dinner for many livery company Masters and Clerks given by the Plaisterer's Company in their wonderful hall at Number One, London Wall - what an address!

It was classic livery hospitality and set the standard that any company would be proud to follow. Look at the timing: a reception, 4 course dinner, 3 loyal toasts, 4 speeches and a musical interlude, all completed by 10.30pm. I don't want to suggest that we all sat there looking at our watches, but it undoubtedly demonstrates respect for your guests' time to give them a wonderful evening and still able to get a train home at a reasonable time.

And it was a fabulous evening, with speeches that combined serious content with entertainment and everyone singing the Grace and the National Anthem with gusto. Thank you, Plaisterers.

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