Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sheriff's badges are not star-shaped - 21st September 2010

If you are a Liveryman, each year you will receive two letters from the lead supporters of the incoming Sheriffs, asking if you would like to donate to their Shrieval badges. I never really appreciated what this was about until this year.

Each Sheriff has to buy their own badge of office to wear during their year - it's not provided for them, hence the appeal for donations. This year I had met both new Sheriffs during the course of the year so felt I knew them quite well. For the first time I made a small donation and it's something I will do again in coming years.
As a result, I was invited to see this beautiful badge being presented to Alderman Fiona Woolf at a reception held at Carpenters' Hall for all her supporters. If you are coming to our Charter celebrations, you will see her wearing it there. It's full of symbolism of her life and career.

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