Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Innovation at the Wardens' & Court Assistants' Course - 20th September 2010

The Livery Committee is an organisation that tries to help Livery Companies build effective relationships with the Corporation of London, the Court of Common Councilmen, the Court of Aldermen, and the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs. The Committee organises Common Hall, when the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor are elected. (This is a duty of a Liveryman, and great occasions to witness - if you haven't already done so, do put it in your diary for next year.)

Another of the Livery Committee's tasks is education and they run short evening briefings for Liverymen (I am glad to say that Marketors regularly attend - please keep applying, they only cost £10 and are a great introduction to the City Civic). They also run, once a year, a full day's course for those approaching the chair of their Livery Company i.e. Wardens and Court Assistants. The agenda normally covers the role of the Corporation, of Aldermen and Common Councilmen, the Planning Office, the City of London Police etc. This year there was a new session, "Helping the Livery to understand and support the Business City". This was the first mention of the source of wealth-creation on the course.

The stimulus was a request from Sheriff Peter Cook to help the Livery do more to support the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs in their role as ambassadors for the City and for financial services across the UK. The request landed on the desk of the Financial Services Group and I volunteered to create a presentation to fit the 25 minute slot for the audience of more than 100 from most of the Livery Companies. Anyone who attended our dinner at Mansion House will have heard part of the story (sorry - I used my own company as guinea pigs). I am awaiting the quantitative feedback but, on the day, the response seemed favourable.

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  1. By the way, you can find out more at www.liverycommitteecourses.org