Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Modern Livery Companies in company - Monday 13th September 2010

30 Modern Livery Companies have come into existence since the Master Mariners in 1926. Twice a year the Masters and Senior Wardens of these companies have a dinner together (each person at their own expense) organised by each company in turn. This is an unusual assembly: at most Livery events the Master is accompanied by the Clerk and they are two of relatively few guests among many liverymen of that company.

So why do it this way? The purpose is to enable Masters and, especially, Senior Wardens to start meeting their peer "year group" who will become part of their personal networks in their year as Master and beyond. An example of the importance attached to fellowship across the companies. (Each year group forms a Past Masters' association to keep in touch with each other, so these relationships can last for the rest of one's life.)

On this occasion the guest speaker was Sheriff-elect, Richard Sermon. He was our Clerk's guest at our Installation Dinner in January - Adele has been one of his supporters on his journey to being elected last June. Richard has also just been interviewed by Court Assistant Andrew Marsden and Liveryman Deborah Marmor as part of a Marketors' project. So he certainly knows about the Marketors.

In his speech he praised the contribution of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies (of which we are a member) and emphasised the importance of the City recovering its reputation for trustworthiness and ethical behaviour. Hear, hear!

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